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Listings in Graphic Artist

Carla Sue

in Graphic Artist, Craft Artist, Printmaking, Paper Art

Carla handcrafts witty, sassy and beautiful greeting cards with messages of empowerment, positive representation and self-care

12215 Huntington Venture Dr. Houston, TX
United States

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Eyeful Art Murals and Designs

in Painter, Graphic Artist, Muralist, Concept Design, Public Art, Installation, Mixed Media Artist

French Artist Sebastien Mr D Boileau began his artistic endeavors in Paris in 1987 at the age of 14. Mr. D immigrated to the United States in 1998 and in 2000 launched what is now a highly successful " Street Art inspired "mural company in Houston.

502 Anita Street
Houston, Texas 77006
United States

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Mackenzie Baker Art

in Graphic Artist, Screenwriter, Costume Designer: Theater, Muralist, Craft Artist, Fashion Designer, Costume Designer: Cinema Arts, Illustrator, Curator: Film, Animator, Concept Design, Drawing, Installation, Fiber Artist, Textile Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Video Art

Using a graphic collection of historical, decorative, biological, and organic hand drawn images I have been recreating digital, fiber, mixed medium art pieces, and film that are tangible for new and modern art goers to experience traditional forms.

43 Brackett St
Boston, Massachusetts 02135
United States

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Guerra Studios

in Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Printmaking, Concept Design, Public Art

Artistic range includes kustom art, printmaking, graphic design, architectural illustration and instructional/game design.

12423 Nova Dr.
United States

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Houston Mural Map

in Graphic Artist, Muralist, Public Art

The new HOUSTON MURAL MAP is your guide to enjoying 750+ street installations. HoustonMuralMap.com is a crowd-sourced community resource, created by UP Art Studio + website developer Alex Barber.

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Samuel Jon Snelling

in Painter, Graphic Artist, Drawing, Mixed Media Artist

Samuel Jon Snelling was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Samuel is a mix-media artist, with a strong emphasis in graffiti/street art. To learn more about Samuel Jon Snelling and his work, please visit www.samjonsnell.com.

201 Wilcrest Dr.
Apt. 205
Houston, Texas 77042
United States

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Monica Villarreal

in Photographer, Graphic Artist, Director: Film, Dancer/Performer, Printmaking, Public Art

Monica is an interdisciplinary artist that explores ethnic identity, gender roles, migrant and environmental issues. She purposely creates provocative work to begin the much-needed conversation on issues she's passionate about.

1499 N Post Oak St. S103
Houston, Texas 77055
United States

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Nyssa Juneau

in Painter, Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Narrative: Artist

Nyssa Juneau is a painter. She sustains her practice through the sale of paintings, as well as providing high quality design and illustrative work to clients.

United States

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