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Charis Kelley

in Painter, Muralist, Public Art, Mixed Media Artist

Artistic journey that has been about experimentation and life and keeping an open mind in how I approach the process.

780 Lovers Lane
Houston, Texas 77091
United States

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Samuel Jon Snelling

in Painter, Graphic Artist, Drawing, Mixed Media Artist

Samuel Jon Snelling was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Samuel is a mix-media artist, with a strong emphasis in graffiti/street art. To learn more about Samuel Jon Snelling and his work, please visit

201 Wilcrest Dr.
Apt. 205
Houston, Texas 77042
United States

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Found Ephemera Art

in Concept Design, Mixed Media Artist, Collage Artist, Assemblage Art

Educated as a clinician and IT professional, structure and methodical detail show in my passion for deconstructing and reconfiguring found paper, paintings, book parts, objects and other ephemera into conceptually meaningful works of art.

2101 Winter Street
Studio #A-8
Houston, Texas 77007
United States

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Julia Barbosa Landois

in Printmaking, Animator, Installation, Mixed Media Artist, Screen Printing, Paper Art, Collage Artist, Performance Art, Video Art

Julia Barbosa Landois is a performance, installation, and video artist based in Houston, TX. Her award-winning work uses found materials and found narratives to explore thorny subjects like gender, religion, ecology, and power.

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Luisa Duarte

in Painter, Graphic Artist, Printmaking, Public Art, Installation, Mixed Media Artist, Collage Artist

Luisa Duarte is a Houston-based visual artist. Her work explores ideas related to fragility, territoriality, and what constitutes “home”.

2000 Edwards street
# 122
Houston, Texas 77007
United States

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Kim Ritter Gallery

in Graphic Artist, Craft Artist, Curator, Drawing, Fiber Artist, Textile Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Screen Printing, Collage Artist, Assemblage Art, Glass Artist

KIM RITTER is an artist, author and curator. In Atlanta, she received a BA at Emory University. In New Orleans, she got her M.Ed. She received her Patchwork and Design Certificates while in London

834 W 24th
Houston, Texas 77008
United States

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Angel Quesada

in Painter, Cinematographer, Director: Film, Scenic Designer, Musician: Vocalist, Musician: Instrumental, Sound Editor, Muralist, Editor: Cinema, Sound Designer: Theater, Curator, Public Art, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media Artist, Paper Art

Quesada believes that the beauty of our surroundings matters. Artwork can feed excitement about a place and celebrate the people who live there. He is well versed in many forms of art and has worked in the arts for over 25 years.

PO Box 66003
Houston, Texas 77266
United States

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