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Theresa G. Thornhill


Theresa G. Thornhill is a Digital and Mixed Media Artist. She has produced ceramic tile murals for over twenty years but has recently fallen in love with doing architectural renderings. She completed two series of renderings as the licensed artist for Conroe Live, Inc.* The sketches of 12 buildings in downtown Conroe sold on notecards and as fine art prints.Theresa spends much of her time working in and supporting local arts organizations. She has spent much time in the Woodlands Art League, Conroe Art League, The Lone Star Art Guild, and as Artist Management with The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival. She is also the owner of Digital Accents. She can be reached at tgtart@gmail.com 

*Conroe Live, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization which supports the arts and humanities in downtown Conroe.

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Spring, Texas
United States