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Zulma Vega Art


My work deals with the need of giving importance to the connection we have with those around us, with those that left us, and/or those that lived before us and contributed with their lives for us to be present: to be here. I begin by browsing family images, photographs that remind me of a special moment. I plan every layer by reconstruction these images incorporating elements that strengthen this memory: organic shapes, colors, remembrance thoughts.  The work results in layers of these elements including geometric shapes and abstract representation of loved ones that come together in a complex, yet rich, visual environment.  These rich environments represent either my perception of this moment/person or the longing of how I would like it to be.  I seek through this process to have a personal transformation, to get to know myself better through the visual studies of those that surround me, my family, and ancestors.

Additional Information

Willing to be contacted for: You can contact me for any commission!


2000 Edwards Street
Studio 205
Houston, Texas 77007
United States


Every Second Saturday. 12pm to 5pm Summer time: 5pm - 10 pm