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Privacy Policy

The Fresh Arts Artist Registry (FAAR), a project of Fresh Arts, is a searchable database of artists of all disciplines and backgrounds living in, creating in, and/or connecting with Houston. Its purpose is to aid the vast Houston arts community become more navigable and interconnected. FAAR allows artists to create a public profile to be a visible part of the Houston arts community in a central, easy-to-find place. 

As such, FAAR is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our web site. We do not gather personal information from visitors other than those who provide it by creating an artist profile. FAAR users identify themselves however they wish to be found accordingly. FAAR does not encourage its users to disclose any information they do not wish to be publicly seen.

FAAR may update its privacy policy periodically. If substantive changes are made to this privacy policy, FAAR will notify you by email.

If you have any questions about his privacy policy, please contact: info@fresharts.org.