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Identifying as a social experimentalist and writer, my words analyze the vulnerability, honesty, and meaning in suffering and life. My writing style demands accountability and to be viewed from an authentic lens. My genre of art is poetry and storytelling; I highlight the difficulties and confidences of living as a queer black woman and provide comfort for those of identifying backgrounds. Deeply rooted in values that drive my work where it needs to go, I am consistently challenging the societal standards that are used as a means of constraint, categorization, and oppression.  I’m committed to using my traumatic history to breathe life into the voiceless. I write for myself so others have the courage to do the same for them. Along with writing and performing, I facilitate creative writing workshops in which I teach social and emotional intelligence to children of ages. To provide a path to liberation through active healing and resolution; my work seeks to challenge others to embark on a journey of Self. Additionally, I curate social experience that serves as the catalyst for constructive conversation and awareness. I make it a priority to decenter whiteness and bring awareness to the power and magnificence of the African Diaspora. My greatest influences are fellow women of the diaspora who reminded me that they didn’t give up. I’m inspired by Toni Morrison, Roxane Gay, Nina Simone, Ebony Stewart, and so many others. Mostly I’m influenced through life; I write what I experience. How the world is now and how I would like it to be.

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Title: Memory Lane

Title: When Enough Isn't Enough


Houston, Texas 77006
United States

Midtown- Houston, TX