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Listings in Craft Artist

Heather Wobbe - Modern Artifacts

in Painter, Sculptor, Craft Artist, Fashion Designer

Modern Artifacts is handmade artisan jewelry inspired by my experience working on archaeology digs and in museum basements. I combine ancient and ethnic inspired designs with fossils, minerals, and unique artifacts for a luxe Neo-Bohemian style.

United States

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Margaret Braun

in Poetry, Painter, Muralist, Craft Artist, Printmaking, Drawing

Margaret Nicole Braun is a visual artist and poet who's artwork uses processes of painting, drawing, writing, paper making, printmaking, and sculpture. Margaret works as a mural painter, drawing inspiration from her writing and conceptual art.

824 Ruthven Street
Houston, Texas 77019
United States

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Carla Sue

in Graphic Artist, Craft Artist, Printmaking, Paper Art

Carla handcrafts witty, sassy and beautiful greeting cards with messages of empowerment, positive representation and self-care

12215 Huntington Venture Dr. Houston, TX
United States

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Aldea Art & Designs

in Painter, Photographer, Scenic Designer, Costume Designer: Theater, Muralist, Craft Artist, Fiber Artist, Textile Artist, Mixed Media Artist

Houston Based artist and designer Danielle Aldea Hodgins is best known for her whimsical ideas, visionary works, colorful displays, and unique combination of creative disciplines.

4510 Richmond Ave
Houston, Texas 77027
United States

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