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Vivian Mora Art

in Painter, Muralist, Illustrator, Drawing, Mixed Media Artist

Contemporary abstract expressionist with a versatile but clear style that intermingles brief hints of realism with color, texture, and line.

1502 Sawyer St.
Studio 217
Houston, Texas 77007
United States

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Daria Aksenova

in Sculptor, Graphic Artist, Muralist, Illustrator, Graphic Narrative: Artist, Public Art, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media Artist, Paper Art

Daria Aksenova meticulously creates inked, suspended, and cut paper narrative shadowboxes. She seeks to achieve cinematographic storytelling and a constructed dynamism from layering and complex composition within a static media.

1502 Sawyer Street Suite 126
Houston, Texas 77007
United States

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Tatiana Escallon Birckholtz

in Painter, Illustrator

Colombian-American abstract artist based in Houston, TX. received her B.A. in Graphic Design from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, subsequent to that she attended to the fine Arts Program at the Universidad de Los Andes, both in Bogota Colombia.

3715 Emancipation Avenue
Houston, Texas 77004
United States

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Hugo Pérez

in Painter, Muralist, Illustrator, Public Art, Video Art

Hugo Pérez is a Houston-based visual artist working in various mediums. His practice involves the use of painting, collage, sculpture, and digital tools to explore contemporary social issues that relate to identity, gender, and visibility.

4515 Sharon St
Houston, Texas 77020
United States

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Papa Martini

in Painter, Illustrator, Drawing, Mixed Media Artist, Collage Artist, Assemblage Art

Papa Martini, the brand, was born on 1/1/2019. I have been creating art full speed since 2008. HCC was my training ground with Michael Golden and Laura Lark. I have shown at Hardy & Nance, JoMar Visions, Adam & Madam's, and have sold globally.

4315 W Alabama St
Houston, Texas 77027
United States

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in Painter, Graphic Artist, Muralist, Illustrator, Public Art, Drawing, Mixed Media Artist

David Maldonado is a Houston-based multidisciplinary artist, recording singer-songwriter and founder of Pan Dulce HTX (PDHTX). Drawing inspiration from folk art, street culture and the Mexican muralist movement, David has developed a well recognize

111 Allendale Rd.
Houston, Texas 77502
United States

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Dana Caldera

in Painter, Illustrator, Curator, Printmaking

Dana Caldera is a visual and installation artist living and working in the Houston Heights. In addition to creating art, Dana curates for the gallery at Forth and Nomad and has a background as an art teacher.

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Apinya S.

in Painter, Sculptor, Muralist, Illustrator, Public Art, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media Artist, Paper Art

Apinya is an artist from Thailand currently based in Texas. She has been combining her experiences in illustration and community projects. Her goal is to create compelling visuals that illuminate the beauty and richness of the arts and culture.

Horlock Art Gallery and History Museum
1215 E Washington Ave.
Navasota, Texas 77868
United States

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