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Listings in Visual Arts

Adam Vincent Clay

in Composer, Musician: Instrumental, Mixed Media Artist

Adam Vincent Clay, is a pianist, composer and founder of the Houston New Arts Movement - a group of classical musicians who perform concerts with visual art and poetry combined. Adam seeks to create beauty in it's many forms.

9219 Katy Fwy, Ste. 296
Houston, Texas 77024
United States

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Eepi Chaad, e squared pi design

in Sculptor, Craft Artist, Concept Design, Public Art, Installation

Eepi Chaad is a multidisciplinary artist, advocate, and environmentalist who tells stories using textiles, fibers, metals, places, and people. Eepi studies humanity’s relationship to both natural and built environments through time.

902 Hardy Street
Studio #14
Houston, Texas 77020
United States

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Soniquete Iberoamericanx

in Stage Actor/Performer, Director: Theater, Choreographer, Dancer/Performer, Musician: Vocalist, Concept Design

Soniquete Iberoamericanx celebrates and showcases traditional and contemporary classical music from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, including the Latinx and Iberian diasporas worldwide.

Houston, Texas 77023
United States

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dianne k. webb

in Painter, Photographer, Curator, Installation, Textile Artist

Webb is the Artistic Director of Next Iteration Ensemble , visual artist, and writer. Across these varied genres and works Webb seeks to express the possibilities of transformation.

Studio C6
2101 Winter Street
Houston, Texas 77007
United States

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Heather Wobbe - Modern Artifacts

in Painter, Sculptor, Craft Artist, Fashion Designer

Modern Artifacts is handmade artisan jewelry inspired by my experience working on archaeology digs and in museum basements. I combine ancient and ethnic inspired designs with fossils, minerals, and unique artifacts for a luxe Neo-Bohemian style.

United States

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Tatiana Escallon Birckholtz

in Painter, Illustrator

Colombian-American abstract artist based in Houston, TX. received her B.A. in Graphic Design from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, subsequent to that she attended to the fine Arts Program at the Universidad de Los Andes, both in Bogota Colombia.

3715 Emancipation Avenue
Houston, Texas 77004
United States

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Joel Anderson Art

in Painter

Joel Anderson combines encaustic with digital elements such as 3D-printed thermoplastic and vector graphic images in a way that showcases the versatility of the beeswax and resin-based medium.

1502 Sawyer St #114
Houston, Texas 77007
United States

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Theresa G. Thornhill

in Graphic Artist, Mixed Media Artist

Theresa G. Thornhill is a Digital and Mixed Media Artist.

Spring, Texas
United States

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Dana Caldera

in Painter, Illustrator, Curator, Printmaking

Dana Caldera is a visual and installation artist living and working in the Houston Heights. In addition to creating art, Dana curates for the gallery at Forth and Nomad and has a background as an art teacher.

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