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ayan felix (independent artist)

in Choreographer, Dancer/Performer, Mixed Media Artist, Performance Art

Ayan Felix (Houston/Durham) is a contemporary movement artist investigating care among Black folx in urban settings. Their main media of exploration are improvisational movement and performance. They are currently a dance MFA candidate at Duke.

Houston, Texas
United States

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Ty Lewis

in Choreographer, Dancer/Performer, Performance Art

Lewis’ mission is to inspire movement as a source of creativity, expression, healing and intelligence through physical exploration and research.

United States

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Rachel Redding

in Photographer, Graphic Artist, Choreographer, Creative Director, Stage Manager: Dance, Dancer/Performer, Illustrator, Mixed Media Artist, Performance Art, Video Art

Hi! I'm Rachel Redding. I'm a Houston native with a passion for all kinds of creative experiences. 

3305 Lawrence St
Houston, Texas 77018
United States

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Soniquete Iberoamericanx

in Stage Actor/Performer, Director: Theater, Choreographer, Dancer/Performer, Musician: Vocalist, Concept Design

Soniquete Iberoamericanx celebrates and showcases traditional and contemporary classical music from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, including the Latinx and Iberian diasporas worldwide.

Houston, Texas 77023
United States

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Independent Tap Dance Instructor

in Stage Actor/Performer, Choreographer, Dancer/Performer

I share my passion for tap dance by teaching rudiments, choreography, improvisation techniques, music theory, and history. I have experience teaching beginner-advanced students ages 5-80+ at nine studios in the Houston area. Available to sub.

Katy, Texas 77450
United States

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Houston Contemporary Dance Company

in Choreographer, Creative Director, Dancer/Performer

Houston Contemporary Dance Company’s primary focus is to provide Houstonians with opportunities to view world class contemporary concert dance and engage with all artists involved.

1302 Houston Ave
Houston, Texas 77007
United States

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